Provide Address Information More Precise Than Geocoding with ADDRESSmanager


Accurately utilize actual engineering maps to calculate serviceability and measure the distance to plant

ADDRESSmanager increases the speed and accuracy of determining business and residential serviceability. ADDRESSmanager provides the best possible address location by combining engineering, mapping, and billing system information and business intelligence resources.

The Most Accuracte Addresses For Serviceability

We don’t just rely on the first address we find, or even one source. Synchronoss knows that accurate information for both commercial and residential addresses is essential to:

  • Providing quality customer service
  • Timely cost-savings
  • Increasing your customer base

The system bridges the missing information between the billing system, addresses in engineering maps, and intelligence sources by creating a single source of addresses. Duplicates are removed, and records and merged together. Addresses are also standardized according to United States Postal Service address standards, and Delivery Point Validated (DPV) to verify the address can accept mail.

The Best Resource Available For Calculating Serviceability

ADDRESSmanager uses the actual engineering maps to calculate serviceability, measuring the distance to plant, instead of distance to the nearest existing customers. This gives communication service providers the addresses of commcercial areas not yet known, and location accuracy far superior to standard geocoded addresses.

ADDRESSmanager can also determine serviceability in commercial areas where no residential customers exist. This can provide the organization with an increased opportunity to discover new customers within existing networks. ADDRESSmanager makes finding commercial customers simple and easy.

spatialmanager (3)ADDRESSmanager is designed to save time and money, and increase serviceability accuracy.
  • Increase accuracy of mass mailings to potential customers
  • Reduce need for costly truck rolls
  • Increase customer base, both commercial and residential
  • Improve customer service time and response to customer questions