IXIA - Hawk Eye


Automate network performance checks and improve the application delivery experience

See Better Performance with Hawkeye Vision

Every network has one thing in common: change. It takes a “birds’ eye view” of the network to make sure even routine changes don’t compromise your customer experience, or create dangerous blind spots attackers might look to exploit. Gain new insight into your network and application delivery with Hawkeye, a powerful Ixia solution for monitoring live networks. Hawkeye works to:
  • Optimize VoIP, unified communications, cloud migration, streaming video and other business services out of the gate
  • Detect and isolate faults
  • Validate the user experience and provider conformance with SLAs
  • Automatically find issues before users do
  • Deliver deep analytics and trending data
Use Hawkeye vision to start seeing better results today. Contact us about arranging a demonstration or read the Case Study to learn more. You may call us at +632 842 9090 or use the form below to send us a message.

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