IXIA Security Testing as a Service (TaaS)

IXIA security testing as a service (TaaS) provide a fast, accurate, and reliable means of validating that security infrastructures and devices will work reliably when they're needed most.

DoS Assessment

Trust But Verify

Security devices and infrastructure may operate as advertised, but how they react to real-world threats is another story. Ixia security testing as a service (TaaS) evaluations provide a fast, accurate, and reliable means of validating that security infrastructures and devices will work reliably when they’re needed most.

TaaS security assessments:
  • Validate what you know, and uncover what you don’t: Bad things happen in “blind spots.” We find them fast.
  • Measure system performance: Repeatable testing of competing devices helps you select the best next-gen firewall (NGFW), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), and other security elements for your company’s needs.
  • Determine resiliency to attack: Planned attacks test how well you’ll react to the real ones — and real attacks will happen. Ixia generates advanced Denial of Service (DoS) attacks to pinpoint the vulnerabilities savvy attackers will use to bring down services.
Security Testing as a Service Benefits:

  • Fast, simple, cost-effective testing
  • alidates vendor and device selection
  • Ensures successful rollouts and avoids surprises
  • Improves and demonstrates data security to stakeholders

Next Generation Firewall Assessment

Ixia Security Assessments: DoS and NGFWs

The Ixia Professional Services Organization (PSO) uses world-leading security assessment solutions to ensure quick, cost-effective testing and actionable results. We test the core functionality of security elements to determine their overall ability to secure data and avoid risk.

Ixia security assessments focus on:
  • Benchmarking devices and configurations
  • Load/stress-testing simulating both application and attack traffic
  • Validating mitigation services’ ability to detect and respond to attacks in accordance with service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Modeling “what if” scenarios that reflect attackers’ thought process
  • Performing ongoing health-checks to maintain resiliency
Unrivaled efficiencies are achieved through:
  • Standardization: Ixia leverages comprehensive test plans and methodologies and proven expertise to verify key aspects of networks and devices
  • Efficiency and repeatability: TaaS assessments provide timely testing with minimal engineering time
  • Expert reporting and analysis: Security teams can quickly gauge performance, quantify, and act on results




Denial of Service (DoS)Assessments (Typically runs 3 days)
Validation of security infrastructure against network-based attacks using industry standard Ixia BreakingPoint test tools Comprehensive, easy-to-read report detailing resiliency and performance across each test area.
Test cases assess network, transport, and application layer resiliency
Features ICMP, UDP, TCP, and HTTP attacks
Next-gen Firewall (NGFW) Assessments (Typically runs 4 days)
Quantification of NGFW performance against real-world traffic using industrystandard Ixia BreakingPoint test tools Comprehsive, easy-to-read report detailing resiliency and performance across each test area
Repeatable tests facilitate vendor comparison and validation of current infrastrutcture
Seventeen test cases measure:
• Raw device performance
• Application performance
• Application visibility
• Intrusion prevention
• Anti-virus / anti-malware capabilities
• Stability
• Encryption

DoS and NGFW Assessments

Ixia’s network-based assessments generate real attacks to help evaluate defenses against volumetric attacks designed to degrade performance. DoS Assessments span three critical areas to uncover and pinpoint areas of vulnerability. Emulating actual attacks in a controlled manner helps strengthen defenses, improve response times, and minimize the impact on end-users as real attacks occur.

Individual device assessments provide fast, easy “bakeoffs” between competing solutions. Ixia NGFW Assessments measure seven critical aspects of device performance so security professionals can make “apples to apples” comparisons to find the best solution for their company’s needs.

To Schedule a Security Assessment

For more information about Ixia Testing as a Service, please visit http://www.ixiacom.com/services/professional-services/. E-mail us directly at ProServices@ixiacom.com.