IXIA-Virtualization Taps


Bring Breakthrough Visibility to New Virtual Architectures

Limited visibility and insufficient security of virtual environments is a shared concern of many IT professionals, especially in a virtual environment. The virtual environment makes it difficult to troubleshoot application performance and other latency issues since there is a limited view of the traffic.

Virtual systems also represent a tempting target for security breaches since one compromised layer can provide access to many others. Since 80% of inter-VM traffic never reaches the top of the rack, there is a blind spot, in fact a significant one, in your monitoring policies in this area if you don’t have a way to monitor this traffic. Within this blind spot can hide a variety of threats, such as VM-aware malware.

Virtualization Taps (vTaps) extend monitoring and access to the virtual switch, giving you total visibility of all inter-VM traffic and the ability to capture traffic of interest. vTaps address the four main drivers for virtualization visibility:

  • Security threats
  • Virtualization complexity
  • Compliance traceability
  • Lack of proper performance and trend information

Ixia Phantom Virtualization Taps eliminate blind spots, extend visibility to “east-west” traffic flowing between VMs on a server, and allow security tools to have access to the data they need. Call or email us if you have any questions, want more information, or would like a free demonstration of how easy the Ixia Phantom Tap is to install and how quickly it will solve virtual visibility problems for you.


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