Keysight Test and Measurement for Electronics

World Leader in the electronic measurement industry, innovating today’s measurement experience through advances in wireless, digital, modular, and software solutions.

Ark One is in partnership with Keysight Technologies the world’s leader in the electronic measurement industry, innovating today’s measurement experience through advances in wireless, digital, modular, and software solutions. We provide a broad range of products and solutions in wireless communications, aerospace and defense and semiconductor markets with world-class platforms, software and reliable measurement science.

Ark One delivers dependable test equipment with long life span and standard three year warranty. These attributes increase customer confidence in instrument uptime. These also translate to reduced cost of ownership and greater convenience if service is ever required.

Ark One’s Application Engineers provide complimentary user training to help customers become acquainted with the equipment and be productive in their jobs.

Ark One also provides customized solutions to improve manufacturing processes and reduce test time. This will in turn, increase productivity, ensures product quality that will eventually improve yield.

Ark One simplifies customer asset management with flexible plans such as Easy Rent, Easy Lease and Trade-In programs. These programs allow customers to lower the acquisition cost of new equipment. In addition, customers can migrate to the latest technology and enhance their competitive edge.

Keysight Test and Measurement Products


Ark One offers test equipment across the entire range of customer applications, form R&D to design validation to system integration and manufacturing, to repair and troubleshooting. With our partnership with Agilent, who is known for its precision and high-end instrumentation,we also make a wide range of high quality instruments for performing basic measurements such as voltage, current, resistance, temperature, RF frequency, etc.

Wireless Device Test Data Acquisition / Switch Unit Signal Generators
Spectrum Analyzers Logic Analyzer Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Frequency Counters Power Meters and Power Sensors Pulse Pattern Generators
Digital Multimeters Noise Figure Analyzer and Noise Sources Data Generators & Analyzers
HH test tools Protocol Analyzer / Exerciser for computer DC Power Supplies & DC Electronic Loads
Function Generators Signal Source Analyzer AC Power Sources / Power Analyzers
Oscilloscopes Bit Error Ratio Test Solutions MI/EMC Products
LCR & Resistance Meters PXI Modular SMU
Curve Tracer Impedance Analyzers Parameter/Device Analyzers
  • Wireless Device Test

    Set The wireless test set with the necessary depth of features in all major technologies, provides mobile phone manufacturers with increased measurement, speed, improved accuracy and exceptional flexibility for testing mobile devices and serves as one-box test family of solutions for wireless device development, manufacturing and repair.

  • Spectrum Analyzers

    From DC to 325 Ghz, Choose from a growing selection of spectrum analyzer measurement capabilities .With the push of a button you can analyze distortion, spurious signal, phase noise, noise figure, and 2G and 3G wireless communication formats with either bench-top or portable spectrum analyzers, Combine flexible modulation analysis software with spectrum analyzers vector signal analyzers or oscilloscopes to demodulate standard and non-standard digital signals. You can also add spectrum analyzer software to achieve remote spectrum analysis.

  • Frequency Counters


    Agilent frequency counters perform a wide variety of time and frequency measurements at speeds up to 200 measurements via GPIB.

  • Digital Multimeters

    Agilent digital multimeters has enhanced usability resulting from simplified and more intuitive menu structure and dual display are much faster, improving your throughput in manufacturing.

  • Power Supplies

    From basic supplies to complete power solutions, We have a wide range pf power for all use on Test Bench or in manufacturing ATE.

  • functiongenerators01

    Function Generators

    Valued-price generators with the versatility of custom waveform. These are suitable for use both as standalone units as well as part of an ATE.

  • Oscilloscopes


    A complete Line of oscilloscope ranging from economy benchtop to high performance mixed signal oscilloscopes to meet your mixed analog and digital design challenges.

  • LCR & Resistance Meters

    LCR & Resistance meters that are useful in testing components and materials in a variety of research and design application and in components manufacturing.

  • EMI/EMC Products


    Our partnership with ETS-Lindgren offers qualification to final compliance measurement quickly and efficiently. Providing its customers with front-to-end solutions for measuring qualifying performance and certifying performance, components and system that comply with the published standards criteria and seamlessly integrated solutions.

Peripheral Devices

In partnership with the world class manufacturers of passive components and accessories, we are able to offer a complete suite of solution.

Connectors Cables Cable Assemblies
Splitters RF Components Attenuators
Adaptors Fiber Optic Accessries Racks
xDSL Devices Wimax Devices Wifi Devices
Electronics Product Line
Absorbers Antennas Chambers
Industrial Shielding LISN’s (Line Impedance Stabilization Networks Positioners

3 Years Warranty

Support your business goals with reliability backed by a standard three-year warranty

On the production line and in other critical operations, you can count on increased confidence in instrument uptime. In addition, you’ll see a lower total cost of ownership and fewer budgetary surprises. Finally, you’ll experience greater convenience in the unlikely event repair service is ever needed.

Here’s what the standard warranty includes

  • All parts and labor necessary to return the instrument to full specified performance
  • All work is performed by trained technicians with access to factory engineers
  • Fast fault detection and resolution supported by automated diagnostic tools
  • Repairs are performed with factory replacement parts
  • Service includes implementation of relevant service notes and firmware updates
  • In Asia we validate every repair, but a full calibration is only available in selected local service locations
  • Keysight pays for return shipment

Ensure instruments operate at original specifications with Keysight Assurance Plans

    • Lowest price at time of instrument purchase
    • Priority service and greater convenience
    • Keysight-quality service at more than 50 locations around the world
*Accessories, software, systems and custom products are not included in the standard three-year warranty

Latest Products

N9040B UXA: The new flagship of X-Series signal analyzers

  • Up to 510 MHz analysis BW
  • Full BW RTSA
  • 8.4/13.6/26.5 GHz
  • Industry Leading Phase noise
  • Streamlined touch driven interface 89600 VSA & N9068C Phase Noise App

V-Series helps you Achieve Clarity Faster

  • Best-in-class signal integrity performance 8 – 33 GHz bandwidth
  • Industry’s longest 160-bit, 12.5 Gb/s hardware serial trigger
  • World’s fastest 20 GSa/s MSO
  • InfiniiMode probing up to 20 GHz with InfiniiMax III+
  • Voltage termination with N7010A active termination adapter
  • Best platform with standard capacitive touch, 500 GB removable SSD, USB 3.0 offload and new motherboard

Flexible Acquisition Plans

Easy Rent

A Refreshing New Way to Get Your Hands on the Latest Test Equipment, Now

What Easy Rent Lets You Do

  • Get the new equipment you need.
  • Get on with using it without waiting for Capex approval.
  • Spread costs.
  • Keep flexibility in case things change.

The Benefits You Get

  • Access to new technology in an affordable manner.
  • Delay and save Capex as rentals are Operating Expenditure (Opex).
  • Faster deployment – popular configurations are pre-ordered ready to ship.
  • Engineers working with the latest technology.

What Makes Easy Rent Unique

  • It’s for brand new equipment configured to your exact needs.
  • It’s transparent and upfront – clear rates (5%), clear rebate (50%).
  • It’s competitive.
  • It’s fast – many popular configurations ready to ship.
  • You can extend month by month indefinitely and your 50% rebate continues.
  • It comes from Agilent and its Premier Rental Partner Microlease as brands you can trust to deliver.