MAPupdater is a smart, configurable, reliable tool that keeps the spatialNET database current as the network evolves. MAPupdated increases the speed and accuracy of loading thousands of externally stored CAD files into the database.

Smart Synchronization

MAPupdater works alongside Synchronoss’ network infrastructure management platform, spatialNET, to automatically keep the spatial database current as the network evolves. Administrators can conveniently schedule MAPupdate to run automatically at any time of day or night to accomodate large or small data synchronizations. With automatic data synchronization, MAPupdater eliminates the need for manual file handling when updating the database.

MAPupdater loads updates from CAD maps into the database and remembers data files, locations, and time stamps each time it runs, eliminating manual checks that are required when bringing thousands of maps into a central database. Using MAPupdater erases the possibility of missing any important information during map synchronization. MAPupdater generates a log of all imported files to ensure that any important updates are not overlooked. MAPupdater diagnostics can also be used to troubleshoot errors that may have occured during synchronization.

Subsequent data synchronizations run quickly and efficiently to save time and money. MAPupdater compares data files to the previous synchronization log, rejects duplicate files, and writes only new information to the database. MAPupdater also knows when files are deleted from source maps, and makes the appropriate updates to the database. Smart synchronization effectively eliminates the manual effort associated with updating the database - cutting down data import time and errors that often occur when updating spatial databases with maps that are stored on traditional file servers.

MAPupdater Functions

The benefits of using MAPupdater include:
  • Populate a blank database or update an existing database with new spatial data with a minimum of effort and error
  • Import a variety of data formats, including AutoCAD DWG and Bentley MicroStation DGN files, into a centralized database without creating special rules
  • Update the database automatically by configuring MAPupdate to run when it is the most convenient
  • Re-project spatial data automatically to a common projection system in the spatial database
  • Receive automatic e-mail notifications each time MAPupdater runs to stay informed about synchronizations and data file import problems