Repair and Calibration

Maximize Test System Uptime With Ark One Technologies’ Repair And Calibration Services

Ark One Technologies stands ready to help you maximize the return on your test equipment investments. As Keysight’s authorized service center, Ark One Technologies offers flexible, custom-configurable service and support package on various types of Agilent/Keysight test instruments and systems. This is designed to meet your specific needs, and can be done on-site or in our lab.

1. Ark One Technologies’ Repair Services Maximize Instrument Uptime

Our Keysight-trained technicians and engineers work quickly and accurately to reduce downtime so you get back to business fast. Keysight instruments that are covered by warranty, repair agreements, or extended support options will be repaired within 14-21 working days upon receipt of unit in our lab.

Our ISO-17025-accredited service center is equipped with the appropriate tools and equipment and we have access to the latest information about the Keysight-designed engineering improvements or recommended modifications. Our service center engineers are also capable to perform upgrades on your instrument so as to help enhance its performance and lengthen its useful life.

2. Ark One Technologies’ Calibration Services Improve Measurement Accuracy

Ark One Technologies offers a range of calibration services to ensure that your instruments continue to provide you with the consistently high levels of measurement accuracy for which they were designed. These services can be delivered at our automated service center or at your site.

All measurements made in Ark One Technologies’ calibration processes are traceable to national and international standards. Please refer to Ark One Technologies’ traceability chart for more information.

Ark One Technologies engineers deliver thorough, high-quality calibration services that are among the most reliable and comprehensive in the industry, no matter where you are located. Your product’s performance is compared to standards of known accuracy to ensure conformance with published specifications. Any adjustments necessary to bring the instrument within specification are made.

Types Of Service

Here are just some of the many examples of Ark One Technologies’ test and measurement services:

1. Standard or Per-Incident Repair Services

Whether your company has one oscilloscope, or an entire factory floor full of production test instruments and systems, you can trust Ark One Technologies to meet your test and measurement repair needs. Whatever your test and measurement hardware support needs, Ark One Technologies can provide a dependable, cost-effective repair service that you can trust to reduce downtime and get you back to business quickly. Whatever your instrument support needs, Ark One Technologies aims to be as flexible as possible in meeting them. With Ark One Technologies’ conscientious repair services, you can measure the difference in quality, reliability and value.

2. Standard or Per Incident Calibration Services

Ark One Technologies’ standard calibration service includes the following features:

  • A complete data report. Upon completion of each calibration, we provide you with a thorough data report that states the measured product performance after adjustment.
  • A calibration certificate and sticker. We also provide a certificate of calibration stating environmental conditions at the time of calibration. In addition, we also affix a sticker to your instrument indicating the next recommended calibration due date.
  • We furnish you a certificate of calibration stating compliance with the appropriate national or international standards, including the list of equipment standards used and their next calibration due date.
  • If, during the calibration process, a parameter is found to be out of specification, we will record the data before any adjustment is made. After performing adjustments, we will record new data for the parameter affected by the adjustment. Both “before” and “after” data appear in your data report.

3. Repair Agreement

Ark One Technologies’ repair agreement covers all parts and labor resulting from equipment failure. Similar to your product’s warranty, it yields significant savings over per-incident repairs.

4. Calibration Agreement

Ark One Technologies’ calibration agreements offer you substantial savings over one-time, fixed-price per-incident services.

5. Special Services

A wide range of productivity-enhancing services helps you realize the full potential of your planned or newly acquired test instruments and systems. Ark One Technologies has the trained personnel to help you get started and produce measurable results quickly. Whether you need a few hours of advice from an experienced support or applications engineer, a formal training or applications consulting, Ark One Technologies is ready to help – your success is our business.

5.1 Volume On-site Calibration

To help you with your mission-critical test instrument calibration needs, volume on-site calibration is made available for you. Ark One Technologies offers the measurement integrity of a traceable calibration with the convenience of on-site service. With an on-site calibration service, Ark One Technologies calibrates individual instruments and measurement systems at your site. Such NIST-traceable on-site calibration service is convenient, fast, secure, and affordable.

5.2 On-site System Repair

To maximize test system uptime, Ark One Technologies offers high-quality on-site support with flexible response times and coverage periods that enable you to tailor the support programs to your needs. When you order one of Ark One Technologies’s on-site service selections, a Field Service Engineer (FSE) is assigned to help you. The FSE becomes familiar with your measurement instruments’ maintenance program. Your FSE will also perform preventive maintenance on a regular basis.

5.3 On-site System Support

Ark One Technologies offers consulting, project engineering, systems integration, support and project management services to help you implement a complete test and measurement solution, customized for your specific needs.