Smart Automation

We Provide The Control Intelligence For Your M2M And IoT Service

That’s the battle cry of the movement called the Internet of Things (IoT), or according to some, the Internet of Everything (IoE). It’s time to become accustomed to this idea, but progress is being made in achieving the ultimate goal—a network connecting practically all physical devices. Some call the IoT movement the fourth generation of the Internet.

IoT represents the fourth generation, dubbed by many as the “networking of everything else.” It’s now technically and economically possible to put virtually everything on the Internet, setting up what looks to be a very interesting future with all of the potential benefits, downsides, and unintended consequences.

But the challenge to the service provider is the “control”. How to support and manage a virtually unlimited number of applications on any possible type of data link in a way that is sustainable from the service provider perspective ? How to isolate platform services and make it possible an economy of scale.

Axiros – with its AXPERIENCE platform, built on top of the award winning AXESS, AXPAND , AXTRACT and AXACT products – enables the fourth generation of Internet and deliverers in the hands of the service providers the most powerful tool for:

  • Service Creation
  • Service Delivery
  • Service Moinitoring and Control

The Axiros Smart Automation platform

Network everything!

Use cases

  • Automatic service activation
  • Service delivery ubiquity
  • Remote support
  • Data collection and analytics


  • Smart Home
  • Energy metering and management
  • Physical Security
  • Healthcare

Architecture and scalability

  • Distributed business logic
  • Support for short range radio protocols
  • Embedded software portable on any POSIX platform
  • Natively multi-tenant and self care enabled

Integration and Interfacing

  • Web APIs dynamically creates
  • Notifications via Web APIs or SNMP
  • Fully dynamical data models
  • Authentication and Profiling


  • Zigbee and ZWave
  • TR-069 and MQTT
  • TR-157 and TR-181i2
  • REST, SOAP, WEbSockets APIs


  • Telco and Service Providers
  • Utilities
  • Enterprises
  • Government