Deliver Network Asset Data Throughout the Enterprise with spatialWEB


An easy-to-use browser-based application for planning, analysis, redline & mark-up, service qualification, reporting, and other operational tasks

spatialWEB is an enterprise web mapping application that delivers network asset information accurately, and cost effectively across the communications service provider’s enterprise. By offering access to network asset data through standard web browser and interactive map technology, spatialWEB ensures that users are always making decisions with current information which improves operational efficiency for the entire organization. A diverse set of users, including sales & marketing representatives, customer service representatives, network technicians and planners, and operations support personnel can qualify service availability for new customers, redline maps, markup fiber splices, tag fibers, or reserve space in an ISP rack. With spatialWEB’s simple interface, users of every skill level can take advantage of its powerful features almost immediately with little or no training.


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  • Simple browser-based interface with advanced mapping tools designed for a broad range of users expands the use of network asset data and improves decision-making capabilities
  • Map markup tools allow users across the organization to propose updates to the network infrastructure, significantly improving data quality and currency
  • Efficient fault management and restoration with network analysis tools that lower mean time to repair (MTTR) and improve customer service
  • Immediate answers to serviceability questions improve customer acquisition rates and reduce costly truck rolls

Access Network Inventories In a Familiar Web Browser Environment


spatialWEB’s scalable mapping engine displays maps and schematic diagrams directly from the network inventory, allowing authorized users fast, secure access to current asset data for mapping, analysis, and data updates. Unlike generic map viewers that require extensive customization to access communications network asset details, spatialWEB’s built-in data access features offer a highly functional, cost-effective way for users to retrieve, view, and update data. Customizable views leverage the corporate landbase, CAD drawings, and other associated data to provide a personalized user experience tailored to the current task. spatialWEB supports every communication network technology, including fiber, copper, and coax, and provides detailed views of both inside- and outside-plant data. As a result, novice and expert users throughout the organization can view and analyze data without the need to request maps from the engineering staff, resulting in significant productivity gains.

Quickly Find Any Asset In the Network Inventory

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With spatialWEB’s advanced meta-search tool, users quickly find any network asset, including subscriber addresses, fiber and cable assets, inside-plant and outside-plant equipment, master circuits and others. spatialWEB is also integrated with Google Maps so that any asset in the database can be viewed in a real-world context, including street level views, to aid in monitoring network health, finding a common point of failure, or even determining outage causes and identifying affected customers. spatialWEB’s ability to deliver information in real time allows for timely responses to customer inquiries and network outages, improving customer satisfaction and lowering a company’s mean time to repair (MTTR) metrics.

Trace and Markup Data From a Standard Web Browser

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spatialWEB includes map markup tools that allow users to redline maps, add fiber tags (reservations), mark splices, or reserve ISP rack space, capture the changes in a field job and submit it for approval by an engineer or technician who then completes the job and reconciles any changes with the network asset database. Trace and outage location tools allow the input of results from optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) tests to determine exact locations of faults and other network problems. Fast and accurate fault management and location tools enhance downstream operations and ultimately lower operational costs, improve MTTR, and enhance customer service.

Perform Service Qualification Analysis For Prospective And Existing Customers

A key technology available in spatialWEB is its advanced service qualification analysis. spatialWEB determines whether residential or business addresses are serviceable for both fiber and RF networks based on company-configured priority rules that can include detailed analysis of nearby network drops, available equipment, and network connectivity. The “street sheet” report available in spatialWEB allows for the analysis of multiple addresses within a service territory, while the “proximity to plant” report evaluates entire regions, enhancing the planning
for business and residential sales calls. spatialWEB can also be used to reserve or “tag” spare fibers required to serve a prospective customer or provide diverse paths to a critical demand point.

Experience the Benefits of spatialWEB


spatialWEB empowers key users from sales and marketing, customer service, and network operations with the ability to easily find, view, analyze, and update critical network asset information.